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FALL 2023

My London Holiday Home

my London holiday home-01.png

At My London Holiday Home, we have selection of conveniently located and affordable London apartments. All oozing with design and comfort for a stay you'll love. 

We love London - its diversity, its food scene, it’s famous sights and its lights! All of our properties are dotted either on the London River Thames or within walking distance of it. It’s our signature and is what brings London together for us. So in each of our properties, you’ll find a piece of the river somewhere

As a team, we all love cooking and are avid fans of baking, especially eating the finished product! Our favourite features of any holiday must involve sun, sand and sea! We are all avid readers, love to get lost in a plot of a good book, but our favourite book of all is and always will be the Bible. We take pride in our apartments as they have been our home. So, we've taken our time in selecting furniture and unique things that add colour, personality and help to create a great look and feel.

When you decide to rent one of our apartments, we are available to offer any help you may need, just give us a call or send us an email! We will do our best to welcome you to the area and settle you in too!

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